“Luxury is a limited concept and not just in the German terminology. Because the word is not automatically associated with discretion, taste and comfort, but that’s what our clients desire. In the spirit of Coco Chanel, who wanted to see especially the inside of a cloth coat made out of fur or silk. The lady alone knows that she is wearing silk or fur. She does not need to point this out. That’s luxury. Applied to architecture and real estate, this means above all extraordinary materiality and the highest quality of craftsmanship. Not vulgar pomp, but constant elegancy: like wood, natural stone or carpet that have not lost their charm after 30 years. This may exclude many products that are already very common in the upper price segment. Luxury also means unity of design. The interior design only comes into play when the client has defined the layouts to such an extent that he says: that could fit.”

(Zsolt Farkas, CEO of Mundial AG)

Most recent project

Aedes Nobiles

Project volume 50 MN €
Units 39 residential
Net. internal area 4500 m2

39 exclusive residential units in Dahlem, 24/7 Concierge service, Spa & Fitenss area

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