The founders

Success does not happen overnight.

Company founders Zsolt Farkas and Sandor Volford have been working as real estate developers for the past two decades. As visionary thinkers they have been responsible for various high-quality construction projects. Their performance balance of more than 1.0 million developed square meters expresses the bundle of their experience in Mundial AG.

Zsolt Farkas has been Chief Executive Officer at Mundial AG since 1st October 2014. Before he came to Mundial, Zsolt Farkas worked as CEO at Dalessa Kft. for 18 years.

Sándor Volford founded Mundial AG together with Zsolt Farkas on 1st October 2014 and has been a principal shareholder of 4 other listed companies in Eastern Europe. Sándor Volford has been working in the business of developing and redesignating properties from residential and commercial areas for nearly 20 years.