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Under general laws, we as content providers are responsible for our own contents that we provide.

Cross references (“links”) to contents that are provided by other providers are to be distinguished from our own contents. In this regard, we provide “foreign contents” by means of cross reference.

We are only responsible for foreign contents if we are positively aware of them (i.e. also of any illegal or prosecutable content) and if it is possible as well as reasonable technology-wise to prevent its usage (§5 (2) TDG). “Links” always refers to “live” (dynamic) references. When the foreign content was first linked, we did check it to see if it causes any possible liability under civil or criminal law; however, according to the German Teleservices Act TDG, the content provider is not obligated to constantly check the contents to which he refers in his choice of products, to see if there are any changes that might cause any new liabilities.

Only when he becomes aware of – or receives notification from others regarding – a specific choice of product to which he provided a link that causes liability under civil or criminal law will he remove the reference to this choice of product to the extent that this is possible and reasonable technology-wise. The technical ability and reasonability is not affected by the fact that, even after access from our homepage has been stopped, other servers can still access the illegal or prosecutable choice of product.

This website provides data to optimize and analyze our web offers. This may include the use of cookies; they, too, collect and store data in pseudonymous form. Under no circumstances will the data be used to personally identify a visitor or to reference it to the data on the holder of a pseudonym.

If there are problems regarding competition law, domain law or copyright law or any other concerns regarding the contents of this website, any person who claims the right to cease and desist or to any other claim shall have to first notify the owner of the website, in light of cost minimization and the obligation to minimize the damage, outside of court and without the support of an attorney. We will then check the matter as quickly as possible and, if the complaint is reasonable, we will react accordingly. The note of fees for a written warning from an attorney without contacting us beforehand is hereby rejected by us as unreasonable in the sense of the obligation to minimize the damage.

Any data, images as well as graphics are subject to copyright.

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